Welcome to my Epic Aging journey

My intention with this blog is to create a platform to share my knowledge about nutrition habits, my love for yoga, and creativity.

Together, we enjoy exploring areas such as healthy food, breath-work, movement of any kind, creative practices, painting, dancing, playing and self expression.

 All the topics aim to help maintaining a functional body and a sharp mind to enjoy longer life in good health.

I am Italian, and in my family food was always the thread that kept the family together.

Cristiana Ammendola and her family around diner table

Around my table we talk, we laugh, we discuss, we celebrate and sometimes… we fight!
I went to Art College and I love to illustrate my recipes, watercolor is my favorite medium. I always kept a diary with ideas, notes, new recipes, flavor combinations, culinary adventures and paraphernalia.

After school I worked as a fashion designer for about 15 years. Thanks to my work I was sent around the world to research, watch exhibitions, contacting suppliers etc… I have traveled to many countries in Europe, Asia and America where I discovered different habits, tastes, religions, traditions. I’ve enjoyed the explorations and became open to change and improvement.

First trip to the East

Cristiana Ammendola at the Temple lodge in Bali

Perhaps my love for exotic food started then, from my first trip to the east, to Bangkok and to Bali 40 years ago. I started using ingredients in my kitchen completely different from the cooking tradition of my family, using spices, curries, sweet and sour and spicy.

My husband was curious and appreciative of my food, always encouraging me to experiment with new recipes.

With the growing of my family and the arrival of 2 children my interest shifted from cooking to cooking healthy food!

At the age of 34 we traveled for 6 months to the southern part of Africa on a sabbatical year which became a 15 years journey.

Water color in Africa

My life changed completely, I became vegetarian, I learned a new profession, we had an organic store and restaurant at the Rudolf Steiner School in Cape Town, where our children studied, I’ve cooked organic healthy food for 400 kids and their parents, we followed the rhythm of the season and the lunar phases according to Steiner’s method.

My children never went to doctors, allergies disappeared, I spent more time with my family, I learned English, I started painting again and very important in my life, I became a Shivananda yoga teacher.

Bali and the Temple lodge

Temple lodge family in Bali

Many years later we moved again for a new adventure in Bali where I started to use my skills in the resort that we built on the cliff of Bingin, The Temple Lodge.

I built my yoga shala, I trained in yin/yang yoga, I teach according to the 5 elements and the Chinese meridians.

Our restaurant consisted of 2 big tables that we used to share with the guests. Many times clients and friends asked me how to do this or that, so I decided to write a book and collect old and new recipes.

Cristiana Ammendola and Mario on a longboard
Cristiana Ammendola painting water color

Now at the age of 63, my interests have evolved to a more complete holistic lifestyle. I want to share my knowledge, my habits, my daily practices, my tips and ideas to age gracefully, eat well, move daily and play often!

Keep yourself young, active, creative and curious!

This blog is for sharing places, tastes, feelings, recipes, practices, my inspirations, books I love, colors and scents.

Cristiana Ammendola yoga pose

I hope you will find something useful!

Cristiana Ammendola

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