A different breakfast every day

Changing, varying, and making an effort to prepare a different breakfast every morning is good for us!

Breakfast bowl with blueberries

Creating variety in our breakfast preparation is beneficial for our good health.

Because the biodiversity of the foods we consume ensures that our bodies receive all the nutrients they need.

Because the use of seasonal products ensures that we are not eating fruits and vegetables transported from who knows where.

Because in winter we need to warm ourselves deeply, and in summer, to eat fresher and more colorful dishes!

Because developing new recipes also helps to develop our creativity.

Because if you skip breakfast, you will inevitably experience a blood sugar drop during the morning, resulting in irritability, fatigue, and difficulty concentrating.

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.

For breakfast, which is the most important moment of my day, I try to vary between sweet and savory.

Keep in mind that “breaking the fast,” as the word itself suggests, is better with something savory than with something sweet.
Although a sweet breakfast can be pleasant and give us a sense of immediate satisfaction, it is not an optimal choice from an energy perspective. Our body, after the overnight fast, is more sensitive to glucose!

My strategy involves using a “Mediterrasian” combination.
Some days I eat whole grain cereal porridge seasoned with miso and gomasio, or just oatmeal porridge with olive oil and grated Parmesan.

Other times, whole grain toast. (I bake my own bread  but if you buy it, choose breads with lots of grains, seeds, nuts, preferably sourdough).

On the toasted bread slices, the variations are endless!

Hummus, tomatoes (both dried and fresh are equally good), and a bit of goat ricotta cheese.

Pesto, tomato, and feta.

Almond/hazelnut/tahini cream with a touch of honey.

Hard-boiled egg and avocado with a sprinkle of cumin, lemon juice, and salt.

Ghee with apple or other fruit compote with little or no sugar.

On my Instagram profile, there are many breakfast ideas to inspire you to try new recipes and, above all, not to skip breakfast. Many things can be prepared the night before and heated in the morning if you are concerned about the time you have in the morning.


Keep in mind that before having breakfast (especially if it's a hearty one), you need to move!

Eating healthily is not enough to keep us in shape and slow down the epigenetic clock.

You need to incorporate movement, reduce the daily stress that accompanies us, include meditative and mindful breathing practices, and find rituals that allow you to appreciate every moment of your life!

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