Fall vegetable stew with fennel seeds

This humble stew is the perfect dish to support the pancreas during the transition from fall to winter. To fulfill your sweet taste bud!

fall vegetable on a chopping board

Satisfy your sweet tooth by adding these vegetables in your meals.

This humble stew is the perfect dish to support the pancreas during the transition from fall to winter.
All the ingredients in this dish are nurturing your need for sweet taste in your food, therefore helping you to limit the intake of cakes, cookies and sugary attraction!

I found fennel seeds on my morning walk and decided to use them to prepare a dish for supper, keeping in mind that fennel seeds are very good for bloating and they ease digestion.

Pumpkin, carrots and onions are also soothing if you are craving for sweet taste, so the combination is a winner!

These are the stars of this recipe!

Enough for 4 people

1 sliced fennel ( 1 fennel 8 slices)
1 slice of pumpkin of about 400 gr chopped in big cubes
1 big white onion chopped in 8 pieces
3 or 4 carrots sliced diagonally ( like the picture)
2 baby marrows sliced
1 teaspoon of fennel seeds or a bunch of wild fennel seeds and stalk if you found them on your walks!
The grated rind of 1 organic lemon
Olive oil
Enough water or vegetable stock to cook your veggies , start with 1 glass and add some more if needed!

How to 

Just start by cooking your onions with some olive oil until translucent.
Add all the other vegetables and the water, some salt and the seeds.
Cook slowly until all the veggies are soft and still retain some moisture.
Add the grated lemon before dishing to retain the scent.

Fennel seeds and vegetable


If you eat mainly a plant based diet combine this stew with Millet or Brown rice ( for lungs and large intestine support).
Cooking long and slow ( or using a pressure cooker) is suggested this time of the year ( if it’s autumn/winter in your country) to drive energy deeply into your body.
Add some pickles with your whole grains, like pickled red cabbage, to support your microbiome and your immune system!

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