Kale is in the air!

Way KALE is the “primadonna” of Instagram.

Kale chopped

Way KALE is the “primadonna” of Instagram.

In the last couple of years I’ve noticed that on Instagram , healthy recipes books, wholefood stores,
supermarkets and so on, the humble kale is taking more space and becoming a new dietary trend.
For me, as an Italian, it has always been the main ingredient for the “ribollita soup” from Toscany , and rarely used raw in salads, also because it is an autumn crop, and in that season we normally crave for warm nourishing food rather than salads.

my kitchen with kale on the table

Kale has many properties favored by athletes, dieticians and nutritionists.

I will try to make it simple!

Contains carotenoids and flavonoids, good for your eyes.

It have many minerals, this is the reason why many athletes use kale as an ingredient for juice after training, especially if you sweat a lot, to restore the electrolytes lost.

Kale contains Calcium required for bone maintenance ( especially in menopause when risk of Osteoporosis is higher). The calcium found in kale is easier to absorb than dairy.
For this purpose it is better to eat it raw .

This is also one of the best plant sources of iron, that is why it is very popular with vegans and vegetarians. Iron reduces the feeling of tiredness and bad mood! Remember to squeeze lemon on your kale salad or juice to increase the absorption.

Kale is a source of Potassium, a good help to maintain normal blood pressure.

Great source of protein and fiber.
Use it in your recipes to maintain muscle mass and bone density , meanwhile the fibers are great for your microbiome.

Also with the content of vitamin D and K you give a little treat to your joints upset by cold and humidity in winter!

From the macrobiotic point of view in winter we need to make food more yang and warming, therefore you need to cook your veggies, stew them, and make them into soups.
In summer you can use kale in juices , salads or pesto’s in raw form . More cooling!


I’ve prepared 3 different recipes with Kale as the star of the show!

The first one is the Kale- Dhal soup ideal for the Ayurvedic winter meals.
The second one is a Protein rich soup.
The third one is a cooked Kale pesto, very versatile.

Check the website for the recipes.

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