Panissa: a versatile recipe from the Italian Riviera

A versatile recipe from the Italian Riviera: a chickpea-based polenta, gluten free, good source of protein, fiber and iron.

How I use chickpeas flour in my cooking.

This versatile legumes are getting more and more popular everywhere, hummus is now available in most of the super-markets, definitely trendy!
Meanwhile in Italy we’ve been using “ceci” since the Romans Empire to feed the masses!

Chickpeas health benefit

Chickpeas are very healthy for your gut and they are known to keep your glycemic index at bay.
High in fiber content, good source of proteins, support strong bones, prevent constipation and iron deficiency.

In Italy we eat a lot of chick peas, in salads, soups, sauces, to bake breads and in the form of “farinata” a sort gluten free, unleavened pizza , made from chickpeas flour.

Panissa ready to use

My recipe is a kind of polenta made with the flour, very versatile, you can use it to accompany a vegetable dish, you can bake it with cheese and tomato, or cut it into squares to add to your salad.

This quantity are for 4 people

300 gr. Chickpea flour
1 liter water
1 sliced red onion
Olive oil

Fried red onions


Cook the sliced onions slowly in a little olive oil and a couple sprig of thyme until they are almost caramelized.

Sift the chickpea flour into a liter of water with a good pinch of salt, the water must be room temperature so that the flour doesn’t make any lumps.

Add the onions and keep whisking until thicker, then use a wooden spoon.

Cook over low eat for about 40 minutes , stirring constantly as if you where making polenta, until it start to get quite thick and start to detaches from the edge of the pan.

Then pour the panissa in a plate to let it cool , then cut it into small long slices and roll it in some olive oil.
At this point I’ve used a dry fryer because is healthier but you can bake it until crispy or deep frying them in olive oil.


As you can see from the pictures I just put together a dish with steamed broccoli, feta, olives, sundry tomato and a squeeze of lemon !

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