Intro to the 5 Chinese Elements Yoga

Few words on Taoism, my practice and the 5 Element Theory

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Taoism is not a religon

Taoism is an ancient tradition or philosophy that emphasizes living in harmony with the law of the universe, the natural forces and the 5 Elements.

The style of yoga I am interested in and practiced for a long time combines the ancient Hatha yoga tradition and the wisdom of the Chinese 5 Element theory.

For the yoga practice that we are exploring we concentrate in the 5 primary Element that exist in nature:

Wood, Earth, Fire, Metal and finally Water, my favorite.

The meridian system

Each element is linked to different organs through the Meridian system.

The Meridians are the same energy line that the acupuncturists are using for their needles.

My practice uses specific yoga postures. Meditation and pranayama (breathing practices) to help the energy flow, stimulating, cleansing, healing and balancing at a physical and psychological level.

Balancing the yin and yang energies such as light and dark, hot and cold, action and inaction.
Everything in our universe is made up of yin and yang energies and their relationship!

Yin and Yang

The darker side of the symbol represents Yin. It is cool, moves downward and corresponds to the deep structures of the body like bones and blood.

The lighter side of the drawing represents Yang. It is warmer, moves upward and is symbolic of the exterior layer of the body, muscle and skin.

They are opposite forces coexisting and playing together to maintain balance and adjusting continuously.

The symbol has a dot of Yin in the Yang and vice-versa. The dance of this two forces reminds us that day and night are connected. Nothing is constant and that everything changes. We can’t live always in summer energies for example, partying, going out every night, staying awake long hours, pushing ourselves to the limit, maybe to finish a project we skip a night or two of sleeping, eventually we need to rest, restore and recover to be able to function.

Embrace the concept of Yin and Yang

We can’t live in one half of the symbol. Everything changes, nothing stays the same because that’s the way of time. Nothing and no-one stays unchanged.

Life keeps evolving, unfolding, and in different stage in life , different opportunity, different choices and different option arise, is up to us to embrace the change and the opportunity to catch the wind and sail to new adventures.

To be stuck in the past is like to give up to the fear of the unknown, instead use your wisdom to make the right decision and to flow with the current.

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