Yoga for the Wood Element

A Spring cleaning practice for your mind and your body

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We started this journey in winter , time for reflexion and self inquiry and now we move in to spring , the Wood Element season. :This is the link to the You Tube video Yoga for the Wood Element

Consider this yoga sequence as a spring cleaning , physically and psychologically, a great way to detox.

The 2 organs involved in this powerful practice are the Liver and the Gallbladder and the asanas are designed to bring balance, promote the ability to take decisions,
making changes and be flexible.

This Element can kindle the fire that enable you to decide necessary changes and to empower to create the life that we truly want to live!

Unbalances in this Element my result in excess in asserting your self, anger, irritability, impatiens, frustration and easily started to rage , aggression etc. etc.

Just for example think of heavy drinkers and their behavior, and the effect that alcohol have on the liver.
The opposite unbalance can be the inability to express our self, suppression of feelings and to react to life choices and events.

The delicate balance of asserting and expressing our truth and accepting another’s without judgment, is an art and quality of a balanced Wood Element.

Flexibility physical and mental is the theme for this Element, this practice can help to find purpose, direction and planning in your daily life.

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The Liver

The Liver is yin and it is the biggest organ in the body and the most important after your hearth and brain. It is like a general in the army, in charge of strategy for offensive protection.
Is responsible for the smooth flow of Qi and blood throughout the body.
The Liver have more then 500 functions, is like a chemical factory, processing and getting reed of toxins and drugs from our body, produce the bile that is used to break down fat and to fight infections.
The Liver is cleaning our blood ,about 1,2 liter of blood flows through the liver every minute!

It is storing glucose and processing all digested food.
Together with the Gallbladder govern muscles , ligament and tendons.

Going back to “anger ” issues too much of it is not healthy , but to suppress anger is also not good!
We must be able to express emotions.
Anger can lead to health problems, hearth rate and blood pressure can go out of control and stress hormones are continuously produced and released, very bad on a long term!

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The Gallbladder

The Gallbladder is yang , is secreting the stored bile needed to digest and process fats, greasy oily , fried food in your diet!

If your liver don’t produce enough bile or if you eat to much bad fat, ( check my post about good and bad fats Whole food etc…
your system can go under stress , resulting in a deficiency of fats soluble vitamin A-D-E and K.

Symptoms of Imbalances

Symptoms of Imbalances are dry skin, dandruff, weak nails, migraine, hearth burn, itchy or yellow eyes, muscles tension, stiffness, gallstones , menstrual cramps.

yoga posture

Wood energy on your yoga mat

There are many ways to Detox in yoga.
Sweating since our skin is a very important organ in the body.
Twisting, therefor we will do a lots of twist and squeeze in our journey.
Breathing and pranayama detox and invigorating practices.
And finally stretching and working on the fascia and connective tissues.

Of all the Element practices this is the most vigorous , the one that require more energy and stamina.
We aim to release stagnant Qi and to make space for new , fresh spring vigor and growth.

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