Exploring the Earth Element

The Earth Element time, that 4-6 weeks period between summer and autumn. Self care tips to nurture the Stomach and Spleen meridian!

Earth Element yoga in nature

Earth Element, late summer, a time for grounding and re-balancing.

The Earth Element is related to the last six weeks of summer before autumn starts and the weather begin to change.
It is the time of abundance, of grape harvest, the days are no longer terribly hot, and we can still take advantage of outdoor dining and enjoying the last of the summer vibe!

We tend to consider the Earth energy as the energy in between seasons, a transition time when your body adapts slowly to the fall to come.

We call her Mother Earth for she is continuously nurturing and supporting us. The wellbeing of our body and mind is directly dependent on the proper functioning of our Earth energy.

We depend on the multitude of Earth gifts and offerings she produces.

At this time of the year the Earth Element is very strong therefore to stimulate the meridians ( the same energy channels that the acupuncturists are using) of the Spleen and Stomach will help to bring balance and help us to feel grounded and fulfilled.

The Stomach acts as a food processing plant , all the food and drinks we ingest going to a first stage of being broken down in the stomach in order to be later distributed by the brilliant job of the spleen that then sends to every region of our body the right supplies.

Keep in mind that also emotions are processed by the stomach!

Often when we live too much in our head , overthinking, worrying about the future or the past,  about things that you can not control! Earthy types tend to over perform as caretaker. When we give too much of ourselves to nurturing others we end up neglecting our own needs.
When we spend lots of energy studying ( even computer working) all this can bring imbalances in the stomach Qi , that can manifest in nausea,difficulty in digestion, belching, burning, reflux, .
We can use the saying ” I have something on my stomach ” related to a problem that you struggle to solve, not only to ingested food!

Earth Element yoga

Emotional symptoms of Imbalance of this two organs can manifest in many ways:

Craving sympathy
Unable to stand one’s own ground
Seeking approval
Nurturing everybody except themself
Losing routines , sleeping, eating, taking time off, irregular sleeping etc..

Earth Element yoga

Balancing the Earth Element

Coming out of your head and immerse yourself in nature
Walking barefoot
Doing your favorite things
Meditation ( walking meditation barefoot in nature)
Yoga postures that connect you with Earth
Be aware of the changes around you ( leaves color, sound, temperature, change of the light etc.)
Conscious eating and drinking
Be creative , use your hands for something manual, painting, gardening, sowing…


The Earth Element is connected to our cycles of life, so choose healthy routines/patterns of eating / moving / thinking , feed your soul and your mind!
Don’t blame others for your unhappiness, we have the capacity to choose!

Earth Element yoga

Food for the Earth Element

In the vegetable options:

Green beans
Corn on the cob
Pumpkin and squash
Sweet potatoes
Greens of all kind

Borlotti beans ( fresh now in the shops)




Prickly pears



Almonds ( Fresh on the market now)

Cereals, grains:

Brown rice

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