Yoga for the water Element

Working with the Kidney and bladder meridians

Cristiana Ammendola yoga pose

In this philosophy water represents our inner essence, the INNATE WISDOM, inherited from our ancestors.

Water Element is related to the winter season, time for regeneration, winter is necessary for plants, animals and humans.

Time to reflect, medidate, do self-inquiry ,take stock,acting consciously instead of re-act unconsciously to life events that come your way.

Cristiana Ammendola yoga pose

Water energy

Water energy is the foundation of our being physically, mentally and emotionally.

The 2 meridians we are working with are linked to the kidney and the bladder. Kidney energy controls our reserve energy, the life force we were born with.

It is a finite amount and the kidney Qi or Jing and can be supported, nurtured and preserved, but if you abuse of your body and mind, by overdoing, overthinking, over stressing and pushing through adversity at all cost, the reserve energy will be depleted and it is not replaceable.

I want to also put a parenthesis, may be a digression, but also when you are suffering from Metabolic syndrome you are abusing your kidney Qi and life drastic changes are to be implemented!

We need to learn to flow like water around obstacles, let go of small problems and details that keep overburdening your system and learn to act effectively in regard to problems instead of emotionally.

Cristiana Ammendola yoga pose

Emotion of fear, fight or flight response

Related to kidney energy are the emotions of fear, and courage.

When the water element is out of balance we can get stuck in fear. Fear of changes. Fear of the future. Fear of making wrong decisions and so on.

Also the continued fight or flight lifestyle that many of us are leaving with, to stay on track with tasks and duties ( especially working mothers) can drain your adrenal glands and your will and motivation by exhaustion. Which can easily bring you to depression.

The kidney energy is needed in all stage of our life from development in the womb, growth in to childhood , adulthood , sexual maturity, and bone development, all the way into old age.

This is the energy that we have to nurture to prevent premature aging!!!

Cristiana Ammendola yoga pose

Water energy on your yoga mat

This element especially will teach you to use your resources wisely. You can approach this group of Asanas from different angles.

If you need to replenish your kidney Qi and you are nurturing an adrenal exhaustion, you should listen to your body’s needs and not give all you have!

Some people in the yoga practice experience disconnection from the body and breath, tension in areas of the body like neck and shoulder, some time we compare yourself with the others in the class and self judging yourself. We get frustrated sometime at the end of your class. Instead of feeling the benefit of your practice you feel exhausted.

Instead of recharging the batteries you use them to the last bit!
This is when you need to learn to measure your efforts and capacities and use it wisely.

Our ego plays a big role !
Let’s say that this is a practice to focus on the three capital R: RESTORE-RENEW-REPLENISH !

All this said, we also use this series of Asanas to wash stagnant energy from your body and mind, unpack stored tensions and muscle stiffness!

Cristiana Ammendola yoga pose
Cristiana Ammendola yoga pose

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Cristiana Ammendola yoga pose

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