The cooking journey

A colorful life of culinary explorations across continents by Cristiana Ammendola

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The cooking journey cover

The cooking journey

“Throughout my life I often thought that one day fate would take me to a place where I could share my experiences. I feel that this is the right time to start remembering and telling the stories. For myself, our children and for the many people who have asked me to write my recipes.”

Cristiana Ammendola

Cristiana Ammendola sitting under elephant statue during sunset

The Cooking Journey is not just a cookbook, it is a lifetime work filled with memories, journeys, flavors and images.

Discover 145 timeless recipes from 3 different culinary influences: Italy, Africa and Asia. Salads, soups, main courses, desserts… Ayurvedic tips, Healthy advices and lots more…

« My father had warm, Neapolitan, blood in him and was really passionate about the simple and varied cuisine of our Italy! »

From a childhood in conservative Italy to wild Africa and finally moving to Indonesia, Cristiana shares a very colorful life trough her passion for cooking and well-being.

Cristiana’s life stories finally compiled in a unique collection of 145 timeless and playful recipes.

The Cooking Journey is not only about traditions, food and discoveries. You will also learn a more conscious perspective on nutrition and lifestyle.

The story of a colorful life shared in a book through passion for food, nutrition, yoga and watercolors.

Cristiana’s life journey  has been a constant process of transformation, exploring nutrition, yoga and painting arts. A life just like a recipe, with many ingredients.

Water color in Africa


  • 145 cooking recipes
  • 3 influences : Italy, Africa, Asia
  • Unique collection of stories, travel anecdotes and memoirs.
  • Precious Ayurvedic nutrition knowledge
  • Watercolor illustrations
  • Macrobiotic tips
  • Healthy advices

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